The Main Museum of the Heritage Center has many displays to educate visitors about the history of the Fallbrook area on a wide range of subjects, including local artifacts of the early Indian civilizations, the glorious Mexican Era, and the first white settlers of Fallbrook.

The railroad played an important role in the Fallbrook story and is represented in the museum as the featured centerpiece with a working model train surrounded by authentic replicas of twelve historic buildings of early Fallbrook.

Additionally, visitors will find interesting exhibits about the military presence, the early fire department, and the local school systems of Fallbrook, among others.

Our museum also features a substantial library and research center, including digital access to vintage Fallbrook newspapers spanning more than 100 years.

On the lower level there are two areas of display: the Bud Francis & Parke McLean collection of rocks and minerals that are representative of the San Diego area.

Also, the Ford Room, recently renovated by the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club, has three antique Ford vehicles: a 1923 Ford Model T , a 1930 Model A 2-door couple and a 1930 Model A 2-door convertible coupe. In addition, all of the historic posters from the Vintage Car Club Car Shows throughout the years are also displayed in this room.

Main Museum Hours:
 Thursday 1-4PM
Sunday 1-4PM
For Private Tours please email